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About the Firm

Unique Accountancy Ltd is an accountancy practice firm that offers a comprehensive set of tax services including tax preparation, tax planning advice and business growth solution. Whether you are an individual with a simple tax situation or a business owner that requires more in-depth analysis, we can help you maximize your tax savings, minimize your tax liability and providing business growth solutions. The firm's mission is to help you make the best business growth decisions in real-time and maximize your financial security.

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Meet the Practitioner

Isaac Benyah is the Owner & Practitioner of Unique Accountancy Ltd. He is a certified licensed Accountant based in the City of Kent, United Kingdom. He has over 12 years of tax experience including preparing taxes for individuals and small & medium businesses. No matter what your needs are, he can help you solve them. Not only can he prepare your taxes, but he can also provide you with strategic tax planning solutions to help maximize your tax savings and provide you with tax advice.

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Our Values


We offer an exceptional service which continually sets you at ease; reassuring you that your accounts, tax returns and audits are completed professionally and in accordance with regulations, at the right time.


Keep you on top always.

For every action we take, we make sure that your finances are properly managed and above board


We believe that your business deserves the best, thus we have properly qualified and experienced accountants waiting on hand to be committed to your business and its wellbeing. We pride ourselves in a service which allows you to easily reach our accountants responsible for the work, anywhere, anytime.


Be an expert.

Our accountants provide you with business wisdom and financial expertise, advising you on how to take

advantage of opportunities to make the best business growth decisions and the most tax-efficient choices.